M42 Orion Nebula Prime Focus Image by Deon Krige

This was a first attempt at a prime focus image (camera directly connected to his telescope) of the Orion Nebula M42 by Hermanus Astronomy member Deon Krige. Here is his fact sheet and comments:
“Setup ; Meade telescope LX50 10” F10 Schmidt Cassegrain. Original no Go-To mount. Camera Canon 760D with Focal Reducer 6.3 Prime focus.
Exposures : 15 seconds each. Lights x 39. Darks x 13.No flats or Bias.
ISO : 1600
Capturing software: Nebulosity.
Pre-processing : Nebulosity
Post -processing : Photoshop CC.
Date : 22 February 2021
Comments : First attempt in using prime focus and I am slowly climbing along the learning curve. Focusing not optimised. Moon waxing gibbous with 78% illumination. Not enough exposures at 15 seconds to capture details. Have to extend to 30 seconds within tracking limitations of mount. Need Flats and Bias frames. Have to reduce noise. ”
I think his result is rather impressive.

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