Citation for renaming Asteroid “260824”” to “Hermanus”

Discovered by Prof. David Trilling

Hermanus  260824   South African city
(260824) Hermanus = 2005PC24

Discovered 2005 August 10 by D.E. Trilling in the course of the Deep Ecliptic Survey.
The village Hermanuspietersfontein, later shortened to Hermanus, was founded in honour of a man who taught Dutch to farmers’ children. This asteroid is named in recognition of the Hermanus Astronomy Centre’s enthusiasm for astronomy and their dedication to educational outreach in South Africa.

For more information of the HAC refer –

The object is a main-belt asteroid, designation 2005PC24.  It was  recently numbered 260824.  You can see its orbital parameters and plot  the orbit at:-;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2455600.5 (2011-Feb-08.0) TDB
Reference: E2011A29 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000) 

Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) Units
e 0.0948380 n/a
a 2.7896392 n/a AU
q 2.5250754 n/a AU
i 5.12909 n/a deg
node 23.79776 n/a deg
peri 352.63427 n/a deg
M 39.66239 n/a deg
tp 2455413.0018998
n/a JED
period 1701.8469152
n 0.21153489 n/a deg/d
Q 3.0542030 n/a AU



Orbit Determination Parameters 

Additional Information

T_jup = 3.317



e = eccentricity of orbit                 a = semi-major axis             q = perihelion distance

i = inclination                              node = longitude of the ascending node

peri = argument of perihelion                        M = mean anomaly               tp = time of perihelion passage

period = orbital period                          n = mean motion                 q = aphelion distance


#obs. used (total) = number of observations                              first obs.used = Date first observed

last obs. used = date of last observation                              # oppositions = Number of oppositions the                                                                                                                     object             has been observed

planetary ephem = JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory ) planetary ephemeris used in the orbit determination

condition code = Orbit condition code (MPC “U” parameter)    fit RMS = normalized RMS of the fit

data source = source of date (‘ORB’, ‘MPC’ OR ‘MPEC’)    producer = name of person or institution who                                                                                                          computed the orbit

T_jup = Jupiter Tisserand invariant


EphemerisOrbit DiagramOrbital ElementsPhysical ParametersDiscovery Circumstances ]


Physical Parameter Table 

Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes
absolute magnitude H 16.6 mag n/a E2011A29







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