Astrophotography Interest group – Introduction

The HAC committee has decided to launch an astrophotography interest group at our centre.  With this in mind I am approaching all our members to determine what the interest amongst our members is regarding the subject of astrophotography. and who would like to join such an interest group.
the objective of the group will be to establish a platform where members can exchange knowledge, information, and experience in the field of astrophotography.
this platform will rest on two pillars :

  •  all aspects regarding capturing the required images and processing thereof to obtain a final photograph.
  • dedicated web page for the astrophotography group.

Regarding the above I have attached, for your information, a schedule giving a summary of the core subjects that we intend to address in the group and also what information and subjects we intend to display on the web page.
I would like to point out that it is not a necessity to possess a telescope in order to join the group or to begin your journey in the field of astrophotography.
deon krige





a)      Solar System : Moon, Sun, Planets, Eclipses, etc.

b)      Star Clusters : Globular and Open.

c)        Nebulae(emission & reflection) , Planetary Nebulae

d)      Galaxies

e)      Comets



a)      Cameras : DSLR, CCD, Webcams, etc.

b)      Telescopes : Small to Large Robotic

c)       Accessories : T-pieces, Filters, Focal reducers, Tele compressors, Extensions,

USB hubs, Off-axis guiders, etc.

d)      Power supplies : DC &  AC

e)      Control and power cables

f)       Laptops/Netbooks

g)      Control software



a)      Camera and tripod

b)      Telescope :A-focal

c)       Telescope piggy-back

d)      Telescope Prime focus

e)      Use of Robotic large telescopes

f)       Guiding : Eyepiece, Scope & OAG, Computer Control and software

g)      Focusing

h)      Camera Control : Computer and software programs

i)        Time exposing

j)        Flats and Darks



a)      Software programs

b)      Techniques – pre- and pro-processing


3.1   Dedicated Web page for astrophotography Group.

a)      Information can be provided regarding availability of Robotic Telescopes for members to use to obtain good images for their own processing.

b)      Members can place photographs taken and processed by themselves on the web with details of their image capturing techniques and processing procedures.

c)       Discussion of imaging and processing techniques and information.

d)      MONET

e)      Relevant web sites and links.

f)       Upload of pre-processed images for post-processing.