Public Presentation on Tuesday 12 August at 5.30pm at the Hermanus Municipal Auditorium

National Science Week 2 August to 9 August

From Space Flight to Space Tourism

A fascinating video clip by acclaimed astronaut Sunita Williams,
the 2012 commander of the International Space Station,
giving insight into the
living conditions and practicalities of life in space.

How Space Flight is moving into the realm of Commercial Business

and how Companies are developing ways and means to exploit this as a tourism opportunity.

Patterns in Numbers, Patterns in Nature

An interesting look at how arithmetic shows up in nature and in our lives

Attendance is free of charge. No booking required. All ages welcome.
Contact Lynette 084 515 4644/028 316 2428 for further information.
This public activity is funded by the Department of Science and Technology
and hosted by the Hermanus Astronomy Centre